Sunny Days

The calendar may not agree, but as far as I'm concerned, summer is here!  After a few weeks of thunderstorms and chilly nights, this weekend was absolutely gorgeous: perpetual sunshine, flip-flopping of flip flops, energetic kids playing in the pool, and savory smells of BBQs.  I gazed up toward the ski mountain and was excited to see very minimal snow for the first time since November.  Here are a few highlights from our first weekend of (pseudo) summer:

Pool Time
I am so thankful to live in an apartment complex with a pool!  If everything works out in our favor, Jaycob and I hope to buy a house within the next year, so this may be our last summer with a pool and I want to make the most of it!  I spent every minute of free time laying out this weekend.  Saturday's pool day was complete with mimosas made with mint leaves from my thriving mint plant!

Sunday morning pool session

Farmers Market
I do miss walking through the downtown Minneapolis summer Farmers Market back home, but the Santa Fe Farmers Market recently moved outdoors for the season and there are so many delicious options for leafy greens, herbs, cheese, dip mixes, beef and bison, flowers, and more.  It's such a fun Saturday morning tradition, especially on sunny days!  This week I scored some spinach, goat cheese, apricot bread, and rhubarb, so I made my favorite rhubarb ginger scones again!  Scones Recipe

Santa Fe Farmers Market

Vanilla Bean Rhubarb Ginger Scones

New Mexico is for the most part lacking in sports teams, but we do have a minor league baseball team, The Isotopes!  (Yes, named after the team on The Simpsons, and also related to the fact that the Los Alamos National Laboratory is such an important aspect of New Mexico's identity.)  Saturday evening was a beautiful night for baseball (although pretty warm, therefore calling for some ice cream cones and cold beers).  The Isotopes came back after being down 0-4 in the third to win 7-5!

Sunset at Isotopes Park

Trail Running
I haven't tried any new hiking trails in a few months, but I have really enjoyed running on some of my favorite trails during the past few weeks of training.  My usual trail runs are Picacho Peak, Borrego Bear Wallows, and the Rail Trail, but this weekend I went up Atalaya mountain, and I look forward to getting to the top of Aspen Vista one of these days now that the snow is clearing!

Picacho Peak


Summer Cooking
Sloppy Joes are one of my favorite summertime dishes, and the Brown Eyed Baker has nailed it again with this delicious recipe!  I made these for dinner Friday and we've been snacking on leftovers all weekend.  Homemade Sloppy Joes Recipe

Jaycob chopping some veges

Mixing up the sauce

Lookin' tasty!

Bon Appetit!


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