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2015 Reading Challenge: A Year of Books

I have come to realize (but not yet accept) the fact that there just isn't enough time to read all the books I want to read.  My "To Read" list is constantly growing, and no matter how dedicated I am to exploring the stories, novels, biographies, etc., new books and authors continue to emerge and I just can't keep up.  Nonetheless, 2015 was another productive year of reading and I completed the "book a week" reading challenge by finishing 52 books in the year.  I love looking through my list for the year and remembering where I was when I read every book -- in the airport on my way to NYC, laying on the beach of Lake Michigan at my best friend's bachelorette party, relaxing on a lounge chair in the backyard of my new house, or curled up on the couch with a cat in my lap.

I discovered my love of Jo Nesbo and rediscovered my love of Stephen King.  I came across some young, up-and-coming female authors (Caroline Zancan and Naomi Jackson).  I explored som…

A Santa Fe Christmas

Christmas in Santa Fe is magical.  As the oldest capital city in the nation, Santa Fe has many unique traditions, especially around the holidays, that stem from its diverse cultural influences.  Christmas in Santa Fe is one that enlivens all the senses: the smell of fresh pinon burning in wood stoves, the sound of carolers on Canyon road, the taste of homemade biscochitos and hot posole, the sight of farolitos lining the traditional adobe buildings, and the feel of fresh mountain air and snowflakes falling on Christmas Eve; all of these make Santa Fe a special place to celebrate Christmas.  

Jaycob and I had the opportunity to host some of our friends and family this year in our new house.  On the day before Christmas Eve we strolled through the plaza gazing up at the Christmas lights, ate dinner at one of our favorite local spots, and visited the famous Christmas Shop on Palace Avenue.  The next day we had a cozy Christmas Eve dinner at the house followed by the farolito walk along Ca…

A Time for Centering

Happy Winter Solstice!  And we're just three days away from my favorite holiday of the year.  I would consider myself to be a bit of a Christmas fanatic: I decorate my entire house in red and green as soon as Thanksgiving is over, I bake dozens upon dozens of cookies and treats, I send out my Christmas cards every year, and I have been tuning into (one of my many) Pandora Christmas stations every evening.  

However, I will also be the first to admit that many of the activities of the holiday season are somehow missing the point.  It's hard to find peace when we all have road rage in an attempt to run all of our errands before Friday.  It's a challenge to experience joy when we feel overwhelmed.  And it's almost impossible to reflect inward and appreciate the present while our minds are stuck on "To Do" lists and future plans for the week.  Even when we limit the focus on gifts and consumerism, we are sometimes so consumed with baking, cleaning, planning, and g…

'Tis the Season for 5Ks

December and January can be some of the most difficult months for staying in shape.  There are temptations of holiday cookies, cocktails, and potlucks everywhere you look.  There are parties to attend and visitors to entertain, and the cold weather provides a convenient excuse for forgoing a workout.  I decided not to participate in the Holiday Running Streak this year (running every day between Thanksgiving and New Years Day), but I am training for a Half Marathon in January and I've managed to stay busy with a couple fun and festive 5K races!

On Thanksgiving Day we participated in the annual Turkey Trot at Atalaya Elementary.  This is one of my favorite events of the season and we always see a lot of our friends and running/biking buddies at the race.  It's far from a serious race (anything with the word "Turkey" in the name is obviously just for fun), but it's inspiring to see families come together for a healthy cause before we all stuff our faces.  I had abou…