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La Luz

Meaning “the light,” the La Luz trail ascends 4200 feet to the peak of the Sandia Mountains.These precipitous mountains, which are the result of Rio Grande rifting, exhibit steep drop-offs, marked transformations in vegetation, and spectacular birds-eye views of Albuquerque.Sandia, meaning “watermelon,” could possibly represent the craving for juicy, delectable fruit one may have during the strenuous, exhausting climb, but is actually named for the pink glow of the granite cliffs at sunset.
My favorite aspects of this hike were: 1) the fascinating change in vegetation as we climbed upwards, transitioning from dry cacti, to rich coniferous trees, to snow as we neared the peak; 2) the views of Albuquerque and layers of Sandia mountains hidden from the interstate; and 3) the consistent, gradual uphill climb, void of any excessively steep areas.

However, I would be lying if I said this hike wasn’t challenging or that I was able to maintain peace of mind for the entire 9.5 miles uphill.One o…

First Five Hikes

For completion’s sake, I will give an overview of my first five hikes in Santa Fe before providing reflections on today’s hike…
1.Hyde Park Circle Trail – August 14, 2011 I was enthusiastic about this hike because it was my first hike in Santa Fe.It was steep, but enjoyable, featuring beautiful, scenic views.It was an excellent first hike.

2.Nambe Lake – September 24, 2011 Three words:Frustrating but Rewarding.

3.Kasha-Katuke Tent Rocks National Monument – October 2, 2011 This hike provided a fascinating glimpse at history, complete with petroglyphs.It was easily accessible and enjoyable.

4.Aspen Vista – October 16, 2011 Scenic!Beautiful autumn colors!Favorite so far!Oh, and mountain goats!

5.Dorothy Stewart Trail – October 23, 2011 This hike was easy and refreshing and provided excellent views of the Santa Fe river valley.

These first five hikes provided me with excellent opportunities for exploring my new environment, challenging myself physically, and setting the goal of hiking Santa Fe Baldy…

The Land of Enchantment

Three months ago I relocated my Midwestern self from Minneapolis to Santa Fe to begin my career as a physical therapist, transition to the next stage in my relationship with my boyfriend, and embark on a new chapter in my life.I left the snowy land of hotdishes, Minnesota nice, and 10,000 lakes, and found myself in the Wild Wild West.
Santa Fe, New Mexico: my new home.“Holy Faith.”The Land of Enchantment.The feature city of two musical numbers (in “Rent,” as well as “Newsies,” a pivotal musical production of my childhood).The land of adobe.The land of hot air balloons.The land of the Pueblo Indians.The Land of Mañana (and “mañana” doesn’t always mean “tomorrow”).The Land of 300 Days of Sunshine per year.
Besides the apparent difficulties of starting a new job, moving to a new place, and attempting to not make my accent too obvious, there have been other challenges as I adapt to my new environment.I find it difficult to relax and let go, to live in the present, to slow down my pace of li…