High Altitude Baking: Apple Muffins

Life with a 6-month-old is hectic.  Where does the time go?!  Between diaper changes, 3 a.m. feedings, laundry (and more laundry), tracking the milestones, daycare pickup and dropoff, doggie daycare pickup and dropoff, and two parents working full-time, it feels like an accomplishment just to make it through each week alive, but we're adapting to our new routine and celebrating Baby Ady's achievements!  Now that she is six months old we have started introducing solid food.  We're allowing her to take the lead by showing interest in food and bringing it to her mouth.  We tried some peas, a few cooked carrots, avocado, sweet potato, and a baked apple slice.  She held everything in her mouth but it all eventually ended up on her bib (and in her lap).  We'll keep trying!
This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week at our daycare center.  There was a theme each day and the director encouraged parents to bring little gifts throughout the week as a thank-you to our amazing te…

Yarn Projects

My commitment to knitting and crocheting waxes and wanes throughout the year, but I had some time during my maternity leave to work on a few projects.  I finally finished my temperature blanket that I've been creating for over a year!  The concept of the temperature blanket is to knit a row each day based on the high temperature for the day, and the result is a random rainbow of colors representing the weather and seasons throughout the year.  It was really special to me because I was pregnant for 9 months of the year in 2016, so it's also a testament to my pregnancy experience with little Ady.  I like to look at the colors and remember where I was and what I did during the months of the year.

I didn't exactly follow a pattern with the stitches, but I did a seed stitch pattern of alternating knits and purls, a simple pattern that lays flat when finished.  I then created a basic crocheted border with double crochets.

One of my recent students gave me a beautiful book of knitt…

A Pacific Northwest Bachelorette Party

I just returned home from a memorable weekend in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, celebrating my sister, Katie, who is getting married in just a few short weeks.  Four years ago she, as my Maid of Honor, planned the most unforgettable and fun-filled bachelorette weekend for me: San Francisco and Sonoma Bachelorette, and now it was my turn to do the same for her!  We gathered together a group of twelve women from Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Manchester, Santa Fe, Denver, and Seattle to celebrate the Bride to Be.  I wanted to have some organized, pre-planned group activities, but also plenty of down time for games, lounging, and drinking wine.  While we wanted most of the weekend to be spent at a cozy cabin overlooking the serene water of Puget Sound, we wanted one exciting night out on the town, and I think we achieved that balance.  Here's the breakdown of our weekend events:

1)  Night Out in Capitol Hill
We arrived in Seattle on Thursday and checked into the Silver…

Teaching Our Children to be Feminists

Being a parent is hard, and full of paradoxes.  You want to keep your child safe and protected at all times, while at the same time giving her wings to fly.  You want your baby to explore her world and discover its secrets, yet you don't want her to discover anything that could cause her pain or sadness.  You worry constantly, while telling yourself that everything will be fine in the end.  You want your child to be happy and confident and joyful, but you realize that sadness and guilt and hurt feelings are necessary emotions for learning compassion.  Most of all, as parents we want our babies to thrive, to grow into successful, smart, compassionate children and adults.  The expectations are constantly evolving and intensifying.  As my little one continues to grow and learn, I envision how I will parent her, how I will teach her life's important lessons, and what kind of person I hope for her to become.  I think about how to incorporate our family values into the decisions we …

Blogger Facelift

Welcome to my new-and-improved blog site with an updated format!  I have been writing here for over five years now and it was time for a facelift.  My goal was to have everything look more organized and less cluttered.  I'm still trying to find the best place for my reading list, so there may be some revisions yet to come.  

Stay tuned for some upcoming posts about feminism, bachelorette party planning, and yarn projects!  Happy spring!

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

Talk about crazy weather lately.  While my friends in Minnesota and New England are hunkering down for blizzard warnings and snow emergencies, we have been opening the windows in the house and going for afternoon walks in short sleeves!  I'm not gullible enough to believe that winter is truly over, and I'm definitely not packing up the boots or sweaters yet, but it sure has been nice to experience some spring-like weather this week.  Daylight Savings was a beast while I attempted to get up for work hours before sunrise after waking up multiple times in the night to feed the baby, but the sunny afternoons and long evenings ALMOST make up for it.  (On a related note, a bill was recently passed in the Senate that would keep New Mexico on Daylight Savings Time year round.  We may never have to set our clocks back again!)  Daylight Savings bill

We have visitors coming to town this weekend and I look forward to introducing them to some of our favorite Ne…

Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Mardi Gras!  This month has been a whirlwind.  I started back at work after my 12 weeks of maternity leave, Ady started daycare, Ady also had her first trip to urgent care when she developed a fever, we took a family trip to San Antonio where I presented at a national physical therapy conference, we celebrated restaurant week, watched the Oscars, almost forgot Valentine's Day, and suddenly February is over!  Whew!  I didn't want to go the whole month without a blog post, so here are a few updates:

1.  We had friends over for dinner last night for an early Mardi Gras celebration and I made my standard Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya.  Yum!  I ordered a King Cake from my favorite local bakery (because who has time to cook dinner AND bake in the same night?!) and over the weekend I also tried these amazing Pecan Pralines: Louisiana Praline Recipe.  (Let's just say they aren't going to last very long in my house.)  Laissez le bon temps rouler!

2.  Restaurant Week is one o…