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Happy Birthday to Me

Cheers to 33!  Sometimes I forget how old I am because age is just a number and 30-something birthdays aren't very monumental.  Birthdays also become less meaningful when life revolves around a toddler, but I was still determined to spend my birthday weekend doing all of my favorite things.  I took Ady to gymnastics class, went out for wine with friends, had coffee and my favorite donut at the Farmer's Market, started a new book, went to a heated Vinyasa class, FaceTimed with family, opened a fancy bottle of champagne, and enjoyed family time at home.

I love the tradition of birthday yoga.  It's a time for setting intentions, for connecting my mind and body, and getting in tune with things that are affecting me.  My birthday Vinyasa class this year reminded me to do everything with purpose and intention, to not go through the motions or become habitual, to accept that where I am right now is where I'm supposed to be, to practice forgiveness for my own mistakes and those…

Bernstein's Candide at the Santa Fe Opera

Bucket list item: Attend the Santa Fe opera... Check!  

My dad was visiting at the end of July and we got tickets to see Leonard Bernstein's Candide.  I chose this particular show because I'm familiar with the music from my high school wind ensemble days, and was also familiar with Voltaire's novella, which I studied in European history.  Leading up to the show, I became more and more excited to see the performance after reading the reviews, listening to the soundtrack, and learning more about how one of the most famous American composers and conductors happened to compose an opera based on a story from a witty French Enlightenment writer. 

"All is for the best in this best of all possible worlds" is an optimistic phrase repeated throughout the story of Candide, representing the idea that nothing bad can happen in a world created by a benevolent and omnipotent God.  However, it is obvious that Voltaire thinks this is idiotic, as highlighted by the hero's encoun…

Hyde Park Circle Trail

The Santa Fe National Forest is open to hikers once again after being closed for over a month.  We had a dry and hot month of June with high risk of forest fires, but monsoon season is now upon us.  We now face hail storms and flooding, also causing problems for homes and local organizations, but the good news is that we're finally experiencing some much-needed moisture.  Over the weekend we took Ady, Kua, and our best friends' dog, Sam, to the Hyde Park Circle Trail, a 3-4 mile loop with about a 1,000 foot elevation gain.  The views were beautiful and the dogs enjoyed getting some exercise and fresh air.  

This trail has special meaning to us because it was the first hike we did when we moved to Santa Fe, and it was also the trail where we got engaged.  We have taken several friends and family members on this hike when they visit us in Santa Fe, and while I hiked it while I was pregnant with Ady, this was her first time experiencing this hike since she's been born!  I'…

Independence Day

These are difficult times we live in, an era that challenges everything we used to believe about what America represents (or should represent), a period that, for many American citizens, questions our pride in our own identity, while also highlighting our largely-underserved privilege.  Many Americans feel a great deal of distress to the point of numbness and hopelessness about the state of the nation, fearful to turn on the news in the risk of discovering yet another disgrace, mistake, or infringement on our democracy.

This Independence Day, I experience a myriad of emotions and thoughts.  I struggle with waving the American flag when so many families and individuals are being denied access to our country's borders.  I question my allegiance to this country under a leader whose values are so different from my own.  And I feel more than a little hypocritical displaying red, white and blue patriotically when today's America seems so far from what the founding fathers may have en…

Summer Solstice

Happy summer!  It has been extremely hot this month in Santa Fe, with high temperatures in the 90s.  I'm so thankful that we installed air conditioning when we moved into our house.  We have had such minimal moisture this season and the fire danger is so high that the National Forest is closed to hikers, which is such a bummer for outdoorsy folks.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the trails will open up again later this summer.  While I wouldn't trade living in the southwest for anything, I sure miss the beaches and swimming pools in the midwest! 

The annual Music on the Hill outdoor weekly music series started up again last week!  It's one of my favorite summer traditions in Santa Fe.  Every Wednesday night, families and groups of friends gather with their picnics and drinks on the grass on the St. John's College campus to enjoy free outdoor music.  The festival features a variety of genres and it's always fun to see a lot of friends and coworkers at the ev…

Tuesday Tidbits

Spring Gardening

I have been talking about gardening all spring, waiting until the weather was consistently warm enough for planting, obsessing over books about native plants, overwhelming myself with grand ambitions for transforming my yard, and procrastinating because of the terrifying question of "Where to Begin?"  Well we finally took the plunge and planted some new bushes in our front yard!  The hardest part was amending the soil to make it more conducive to planting, and now I hope we get a little moisture to keep everything alive!  I'm still such a beginner when it comes to gardening in desert, but wish me luck!  I also planted some flowers in pots along our front walkway and a rose bush near the back patio.  If everything goes well, I hope to add some bushes in the side yard next year and maybe a small herb garden.

Santa Fe "Run Around"

Earlier this month our family of three participated in the Santa Fe Run Around 5K, an annual race that supports our loca…

Spring Hiking and Cold Brew Coffee

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  It is a gorgeous (and hot!) weekend in Santa Fe.  Even though we're still a few weeks away from the official start of summer, the local schools are already on break and it feels like summer is already here.  Ady slept in until 9:00 this morning!  I guess the warm weather is wearing on her, not to mention a very busy month of May.  When she finally dragged her butt out of bed (crib), I took her and Kua for a stroll on the Borrego Bear Wallows trail.  Hiking with a toddler requires some patience and planning ahead, but it is also really fun to notice all the interesting things from the perspective of a 1-year-old and point out all the beautiful flowers, the pinecones and sticks on the trail, and the sounds of birds singing and bees buzzing.  I love our Osprey Child Carrier backpack and I'm starting to get used to the extra weight, and it seems like a comfortable ride for the little one.

In celebration of summer, I also made overnight Cold Brew Coffee …

Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon

Last weekend my sister and I met up in Santa Barbara for three wonderful days of sightseeing and wine tasting, chatting and catching up on our busy lives, and running another half marathon together!  Santa Barbara is a lovely and historical city nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains on the central coast of California.  With its Spanish influence and stucco architecture, there were some resemblances to Santa Fe, and the cities are close to the same size, but the climate could not be more different.  This charming seaside town is known as the American Riviera and everywhere you look there are beautiful flower gardens, patios for wine tasting, restaurants featuring fresh seafood and seasonal fruit, and cheerful birds enjoying the proximity to the sea.  The weather was a little chillier than expected, and definitely too cold to swim in the water, but that didn't stop us from sitting on the beach bundled in our towels, watching the birds and enjoying the wind. …