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Rio en Medio

Our most recent hike was along the Rio en Medio trail, a short hike that parallels the river and features cascading waterfalls and lush greenery.Beginning at a lower elevation than most of the hikes we’ve done, the hike exhibits a different variety of trees and shrubs.I was amazed at how green everything was and was surprised to see the ground covered in Oak leaves.There were a multitude of colorful wildflowers.Here are some of my favorites:

The highlight of this particular hike was definitely the waterfalls.Kua didn’t quite know what to think, but I thought they were beautiful:

The majority of the hike was fairly easy and pleasant, with one steep and rocky section at the end where we had a decent view of the Jemez mountains to the west.There is an extension of this hike called La Junta circuit, but a five mile stroll seemed more conducive to a pleasant Sunday than a 13 mile strenuous trek.

In other news, I’m experiencing some post-Olympic depression after a dedicating 17 evenings of my …

Celebrating One Year in New Mexico

This past week marked our one year anniversary of moving to New Mexico!  The time has definitely flown by.  Jaycob and I have met some amazing people here, found incredible jobs that we love, and have experienced many of the exciting things Santa Fe has to offer.  We are loving our new home in the Southwest and have had some amazing adventures in the past 12 months. 

Here are 25 highlights of the past year in the Land of Sunshine, in no particular order...