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St. Patrick's Day

Sorry for the delay... it's been a busy week since St. Patrick's Day!  Jaycob and I just returned from a ski weekend in Aspen.  It was a blast.  But back to last weekend...

What's not to love about wearing green, drinking beer, and celebrating being Irish (regardless of one's true heritage)?  However, to my family March 17th is first and foremost my brother's birthday.  This year I baked him these delicious and festive cookies:

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies:  I used the recipe on the bag of Toll House chocolate chips, with the addition of chocolate chunks, mint extract and green food coloring.  Yum!

For St. Patick's Day I also baked this delicious Guinness Chocolate Cake with Baileys Irish Cream Frosting from my favorite blog (Brown Eyed Baker).

Recipe:  Chocolate Stout Cake with Baileys Frosting

This recipe was as good as the Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes I made last year (from the same blog)! 


Tuesday Tidbits

A few tidbits about my life lately…
Cycling:I am 3 weeks into a 9-week spinning class in preparation for the Santa Fe Century.The class is so much fun!I never thought I could spend two hours straight on a stationary bike without getting bored.Our instructor is excellent and I love how I feel every week after class.

Rock Climbing:My friend Katie and I recently signed up for Rock Climbing 101 at the Santa Fe climbing gym.We have both climbed before, but it’s been a few years and we need a refresher in technique and belaying.The class is really fun so far and a great way to work the core and develop muscular endurance.We pretty much kick butt.This is what we hope to look like in 4 weeks:

Restaurant Week:The last week of February was Restaurant Week in Santa Fe, one of my favorite times of the year.Santa Fe has absolutely incredible food, especially for a not-very-big city.Last year we discovered Restaurant Martin and Coyote CafĂ©.This year we took some visitors to Maria’s New Mexican kitchen…


Dust of Snow  Robert Frost The way a crow Shook down on me The dust of snow From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart A change of mood And saved some part Of a day I had rued.
   After a somewhat questionable start to winter in terms of the snow, we recently got a substantial snowstorm here in Santa Fe.Last weekend I made it up to the Santa Fe Ski Basin for the second time this year and was able to experience fresh powder and get some practice on the moguls.The next evening some friends and I went to the Valles Caldera for moonlight snowshoeing under the full moon.Unfortunately the night was overcast and windy, so it turned into headlamp-lit snowshoeing instead, but I had been looking forward to it for a month and we still had a good time!

   What is a Caldera, do you ask?I wondered the same thing.A caldera is a cauldron-like volcanic feature usually formed by the collapse of land following a volcanic eruption.The Valles Caldera is located in the Jemez mountains, about an hour and a half fr…