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Reading Lately

I got a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas this year and I can't put it down!  I bring it everywhere with me and seriously love the convenience of being able to read anywhere - in line at the grocery store, during my lunch break at work, while traveling, etc.  I've read five books since Christmas and am in the middle of two more currently.  Here are my reviews so far:

The Round House (Louise Erdrich):  A number of people had recommended this book to me and I finally had a chance to read it.  This is a riveting and meaningful story about Native American culture on a reservation in North Dakota during the 1980s.  A Native American woman was attacked, and the family is faced with numerous legal obstacles while attempting to seek justice.  This is a story about many things: the challenges Native Americans have dealt with throughout history and continue to face, the consequences of shortfalls in the legal system, a woman's path to healing after a violent attack, the coming of age of …