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Summer Visitors

August has been such a fun and busy month in the Southwest!  The weather is beautiful (and much more bearable than June and July) and we have welcomed three groups of visitors to our home.  My inlaws were here at the beginning of the month and had the opportunity to see our new house for the first time, help us get the baby's nursery ready, and watch Jaycob race in a triathlon.  The following weekend was a blast when both my brother and sister and their fiances made the trip to visit us for a rare "siblings weekend" before their upcoming weddings.  And last weekend my two best friends from college, who were both bridesmaids in my wedding a few years ago, took some time off for a Southwest getaway.  Their trip coincided with Santa Fe's famous "Indian Market," the city's largest annual art festival.

We always have so much fun entertaining guests and taking them to all our favorite Santa Fe spots!  This is one of the best cities in the U.S. for culture, art…

Third Trimester

Third trimester is here!  Baby Girl is the size of an eggplant and weighs 2.5 pounds.  Her lungs have surfactant, she opens and closes her eyes, and she brings her little hands to her mouth.  She is moving around like crazy and practicing her gymnastics routines (inspired by Simone and Ali, of course)!  She can hear my voice and we have started reading to her every night.  We are completing our last session of the Childbirth Education class this week and I had one meeting with my doula.  I am definitely in "nesting mode" as I pick out furniture for the nursery, work on knitting and crocheting my baby blankets, finish projects around the house, and fill Baby's closet with clothes and blankets. 

With 11 weeks to go, we are on the home stretch!  I, however, am in no rush for Baby to arrive.  I love being pregnant, carrying my baby throughout the day, sharing my body with her, keeping her safe from the world, feeling her little kicks and stretches, and preparing my life and m…

Tuesday Tidbits

Happy August!  Between hosting visitors, beginning our childbirth education classes, and cheering on Jaycob in his many triathlons, it's a busy month in our household!  Here are a few tidbits about life lately...

1)  We celebrated our pooch's 5th birthday last week!  I can't believe she's already five (and that she sometimes still acts like she's two)!  Having a dog brings so much joy to our house every day and I can't imagine life without her.  I am really eager to see how she adapts to having a little (human) sister in a few months.

2)  The long-awaited "8th Harry Potter book" is finally here!  I just started it this week.  Unlike J.K. Rowling's other books, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is written as a script for the play that debuted in London earlier this summer (and that my mom and sister were fortunate enough to see on stage at the Palace Theater in London!).  I look forward to reading about Harry and his grown-up life and to experiencing…