Third Trimester

Third trimester is here!  Baby Girl is the size of an eggplant and weighs 2.5 pounds.  Her lungs have surfactant, she opens and closes her eyes, and she brings her little hands to her mouth.  She is moving around like crazy and practicing her gymnastics routines (inspired by Simone and Ali, of course)!  She can hear my voice and we have started reading to her every night.  We are completing our last session of the Childbirth Education class this week and I had one meeting with my doula.  I am definitely in "nesting mode" as I pick out furniture for the nursery, work on knitting and crocheting my baby blankets, finish projects around the house, and fill Baby's closet with clothes and blankets. 

With 11 weeks to go, we are on the home stretch!  I, however, am in no rush for Baby to arrive.  I love being pregnant, carrying my baby throughout the day, sharing my body with her, keeping her safe from the world, feeling her little kicks and stretches, and preparing my life and my home for a new little person.

What better way to kick off our transition into third trimester than with my first baby shower, hosted by my mommy friend, Sandy!

Location:  35 Degree North Coffee Shop, Santa Fe
Menu:  Coffee, Beignets, and Veges with Hummus
Theme:  Books

My girlfriends gathered together to play games, decorate adorable onesies, and celebrate Baby Girl!  My sister and future-sister-in-law were also visiting for the weekend, which made it extra special and meaningful.  We received so many books, handmade gifts, and items from our registry.  I am so excited about the Ergo Baby carrier for taking the baby strolling around town and hiking on the trails. 

Baby has some amazing aunties who are ready to nurture and teach her, sing to her, read to her, hold her, paint her nails, teach her to run and tie her shoes, give her advice about friendship, and set an example of being a confident woman in the world.

I look forward to the next few weeks!  My Great Aunt is hosting a family shower for me in Minnesota, followed by a work shower at the end of September.  Baby Ross is already so loved!


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