Tuesday Tidbits

Happy August!  Between hosting visitors, beginning our childbirth education classes, and cheering on Jaycob in his many triathlons, it's a busy month in our household!  Here are a few tidbits about life lately...

1)  We celebrated our pooch's 5th birthday last week!  I can't believe she's already five (and that she sometimes still acts like she's two)!  Having a dog brings so much joy to our house every day and I can't imagine life without her.  I am really eager to see how she adapts to having a little (human) sister in a few months.

Kua with her new giraffe toy

2)  The long-awaited "8th Harry Potter book" is finally here!  I just started it this week.  Unlike J.K. Rowling's other books, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is written as a script for the play that debuted in London earlier this summer (and that my mom and sister were fortunate enough to see on stage at the Palace Theater in London!).  I look forward to reading about Harry and his grown-up life and to experiencing a new format of J.K. Rowling's ingenuity.

The 8th book is here!

3)  As I've mentioned frequently in the past couple months, this summer has been unusually hot in Santa Fe (and nationwide, apparently).  We have seen many 90+ degree afternoons and minimal rainfall in June and July.  Needless to say, my ambitious gardening efforts have failed.  I planted, water, and attempted to nurse my little seedlings to life all summer long, but nothing has flourished.  I have accepted that I just don't have a green thumb, and maybe I'll have better luck next year...

Struggling pepper plants

Sad looking rose bush

These seedlings never made it

4)  Although my garden has been unsuccessful, my apple tree is fruitful this year!  I attempted apple crisp tonight!

Apple crisp with home-grown apples

5)  As mentioned above, Jaycob has been competing in multiple triathlons this summer all over the region - New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and we're headed to Utah next month.  I thought I would have "race envy" as the spectator and not the competitor, but it has been fun to support him, and while I feel motivated to stay fit and active during pregnancy, I don't crave competition or racing at this point.  Perhaps next summer I'll have a goal of competing once again (with a jogging stroller, of course!).  Jaycob's goal is to make it to the XTERRA World Championships next year in Maui, which would mean our first big family vacation!

Starting the swim in Glorieta, NM

Podium in Aspen, CO

Family pic!  Party of 3!

6)  Speaking of fitness, this week is my last week of TRX suspension training.  I have been taking same class at 6 am. every Friday for over a year and a half now, but the core work is getting to be challenging, so as I transition into third trimester of pregnancy next week I will say goodbye to TRX and hello to swimming and prenatal yoga!

7)  I'm hosting Book Club this month and we are reading Gloria Steinem's new book, My Life on the Road, in which Gloria describes the experiences she had and the people she met during her "life on the road" as she led the life of an activist and writer, worked on political campaigns, led group talks in the 1960s and 70s, and met many interesting and influential people along the way.  I was inspired by her stories and look forward to hearing what my book club members thought!  This book was also chosen for Emma Watson's international feminist book club, and she did a moving interview with the author a few months ago:  Emma Watson Interviews Gloria Steinem

8)  My Temperature Blanket knitting project is coming along and I'm having fun with reds, pinks, and oranges with the summer temperatures.  It is relaxing and at the same time rejuvenating to use a different part of my brain, get into a flow, and make something useful.  I also started crocheting a pastel colored baby afghan! 
The Health Benefits of Knitting

Knitting project: temperature blanket

Crocheting project: baby afghan

9)  One of the best things about hosting visitors is introducing them to all my favorite local restaurants, shops, and businesses, including Whoo's Donuts!  This is, in my opinion, the best Santa Fe donut shop.  I can't get enough of their White Chocolate Lemon Pistachio and Mango Habanero flavors.

Whoo's Donuts

10)  And finally, a yummy summer recipe - Mango BBQ Chicken!  See recipe here for jalapeno mango BBQ sauce.  Enjoy!


Happy Tuesday!


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