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This past Saturday I completed my second triathlon!It’s been three years since my first triathlon and I was eager to have something to train for again.
During my training I enjoyed rediscovering my love of swimming.For me, I find my flow in swimming even more than running because when swimming laps you truly are in your own little bubble with your thoughts, all excess noises muted by the sounds of the water and your own breathing.My running workouts were more enjoyable with the company of my pup, Kua, who especially loves our trail runs on the Borrego Bear Wallows trail.The biking was probably my least favorite aspect of training as I prefer to bike for pleasure and not speed, but I got through it and distracted myself from my sore quads by admiring the beauty of the mountains around me.

In addition to swim-run-bike, I incorporated strength and sprints into my training, as well as an occasional yoga class, and I really notice a change in my muscle tone as a result.I absolutely despise d…

Camping in the Carson National Forest

My wild west adventures continue into my first southwestern summer! Last weekend I went camping for the first time since moving to New Mexico.Despite growing up as a Summer Camp kid and being someone who’s totally comfortable barefoot with feet caked in dirt, I would still consider myself a very beginner camper.I’m not yet at the point of knowing exactly what to pack and what to leave, I would probably survive on pita bread and peanut butter if I went camping alone, and I’m likely to be the person you hear about on the radio who leaves chapstick in her tent and gets attacked by bears.According to my boyfriend, this describes me perfectly:

However, I’m starting to get a clue and have learned that I really love the experience of living simplistically, sleeping in a tent, turning off the iPhone and escaping the stresses of society.My friends and I camped in the Carson National Forest, one of the five national forests that New Mexico has to offer.

Our campsite was pretty much perfect!We wer…