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Spring Equinox

Happy Spring!  Today, the phases of day and night are in balance (almost).  I went to a refreshing yoga class on Sunday night that incorporated lots of soothing moon salutations and projecting the heart skyward to welcome the equinox.  Spring is a time for rebirth and fresh starts.  The first few months of 2018 were hectic and challenging for me with professional commitments, conflict resolution, home responsibilities, parenting a vibrant and busy toddler, making plans and filling in the calendar for the year, and trying to juggle it all.  During this season, I am shifting gears.  I'm on a journey of happiness, gratitude, joy and self-actualization.

I'm about halfway into my training program for my upcoming Half Marathon, so I'm starting to ramp up my mileage.  The other day on my sunny morning run, I was reflecting on the concept of beauty.  Why is it that many people find the same images - sunsets, mountains, rivers, landscapes, flowers, animals - to be beautiful?  Is bea…

Mint Chocolate Brownies

Spring is in the air... as evidenced by the fact that the whole family is suffering from allergies and colds.  Our schedules this week seem to revolve around hand washing, eye drops, nasal spray, sanitizing, doing laundry, and going to bed early.  Alas, we will survive.  On a brighter note, I have started making plans for some spring gardening projects.  I hope to revamp our front yard and explore the art of xeriscaping in New Mexico.  However, I have learned from experience that we can experience snow and frost up until Mother's Day weekend here in Santa Fe, so I'm not planting anything for a couple more months.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I tried a new recipe for mint chocolate brownies!  I shared them with my coworkers and my book club.  If you like Thin Mints, you will love these brownies!  

Mint Chocolate Brownies
From Sally's Baking Addiction blog:  Classic Mint Chocolate Brownies

Brownies1 cup (230g) unsalted butter8 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, coars…


I just returned from the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM), the annual conference of the American Physical Therapy Association.  Over 17,000 physical therapists from around the country (and some from other countries as well) attended the conference, which featured programming from 18 of the subspecialty practices in physical therapy.  I am most involved in the Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy as well as the Education Section, and I dabble in Neurology, Geriatrics, and Health Policy/Administration.  I always return from this conference feeling inspired and motivated after learning from the experts in the industry, discussing the goals and ambitions of our practice, and meeting the present-day heroes in the profession.  Every year I return to work with a long list of ideas to implement in clinical practice, leadership, and clinical education.  This year I was especially intrigued about the technological innovations that are changing the way we practice healthcare, the creative and v…