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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Winter has officially hit the Land of Enchantment at full force!  I felt like a kid on Christmas when I looked outside this morning and saw piles upon fresh piles of fluffy snow covering every tree, car and bush in sight.  There's always something so exciting about the first heavy snowfall.  I couldn't stop smiling.  The only member of my family more excited than me was Kua.

After a quick bowl of oatmeal we unburied the truck and headed up to the mountain for our second snowshoeing adventure of the season.  We were the first group of people on the Aspen Vista trail, so we had the luxury (and the burning of the hip flexors) of paving the trail through the fresh, untouched snow. 

I spent the afternoon baking cookies.  As per house rules, I refrained from setting up any Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but as of yet there is no clause prohibiting listening to Christmas music in November, so I jammed out to N'Sync, Mariah and Glee (while Jaycob went to the bar to watch…

Mrs. Ross

I guess it's time to catch up on my blogging before all my followers send a search party!  Jaycob and I have been married for four weeks today.  And a wonderful four weeks it has been!  Every asks me, "How does it feel to be married?"  But it's a difficult question to answer.  It definitely feels different to be able to call each other husband and wife, and to have the awareness of this life-long commitment we have made, but the feeling is hard to describe.

In some ways, not much has changed on the day-to-day front.  I read a blog recently in which a newlywed stated, "It feels like we decided to throw a party last month and promised to keep loving each other, and then got right back to our lives."  To a certain extent, I see where this bride is coming from.  Jaycob and I already had a great relationship.  We already loved each other whole-heartedly.  We were dedicated to one another years ago.  We established a joint bank account and a (mostly…