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Clay Class Continued

Last week marked the end of my wheelthrowing class!I accomplished quite a bit of artistry in the past seven weeks, but it certainly flew by.I had some frustrating moments during the second half of my class as I craved to build larger and more desirable pieces, yet couldn’t seem to master the basics such as centering.Sometimes I was so over-eager to build colossal bowls and delicious mugs that I rushed through the centering stage, which of course caused my pieces to collapse.But I learned to be more patient and enjoy the process of centering and the feel of the clay on my hands, with less preoccupation with the final product.

One of the things I loved about taking a pottery class was watching my classmates around me work on their wheels and be inspired by their ideas.Several of my dedicated, creative classmates made some really amazing pieces of art.I hope I can become that skilled someday!However, I was also inspired by the creative ideas that my comrades created in the aftermath of mi…

Working in the Clay Studio

To my readers outside of Santa Fe, you may not know that it is a well renowned city of artists.Many community members are involved in pottery, painting, jewelry making, or other crafts, and people even relocate here for the art scene.One of the items on my lengthy New Mexico Bucket List was to enroll in a pottery class.(After all, When in Rome, right?)Well…I did!And I love it!
I am about halfway through my seven-week Wheelthrowing for Beginners class at Santa Fe Clay and I’ve been working on a number of exciting pieces already.I have found art to be an invigorating release from my fulltime job as a physical therapist, a job that I love but that can be stressful, demanding, and sapping at times.I feel myself activating the artsy, creative side of my brain in the clay studio and finding a new kind of “flow.”(Although based on my progress so far, I shouldn’t quit my day job.)
In this first post about my new hobby, I bring you: Wheelthrowing for Dummies.Here is the basic process by which si…