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Mardi Gras Costumes

I just returned from an amazing five day trip to see my sister in New Orleans, during which I became immersed in the unique culture of the Crescent City, tasted some delicious cuisine, and learned about Mardi Gras Krewes while watching parades and sporting fabulous costumes.I found New Orleans to be a city that is easy to fall in love with –a city of quirky individuality, yet at the same time one with a strong sense of community.New Orleanians are proud of their culture and supportive of one another, despite the many obstacles the city has faced and still continues to face daily.
During Carnival, people of all backgrounds in New Orleans wear costumes of every type imaginable, while still upholding their true sense of self, tradition, and community.Costumes are funny things…and during Carnival, anything goes.Creating and wearing a costume allows us to become whatever makes us happy.Costumes give us the opportunity to not necessarily become someone else, but to become the best version of…

Skis, Spas, & Snowshoes… Oh My!

Thanks to several inches of fresh, white powder in Santa Fe, combined with seemingly infinite sunshine, this was an idyllic weekend in a beautiful winter wonderland.On Saturday we skied Taos for the first time.The mountain was gorgeous and the runs were challenging and long.I have never experienced such a massive mountain before and it took me a while to get my bearings and gain enough confidence to try a black diamond.Compared to Santa Fe Ski Basin, which I am now fairly accustomed to, Taos seems to be home to a number of expert skiers.I was somewhat overwhelmed, but nonetheless had an amazing experience.

After skiing, we stopped at the Ojo Caliente hot springs on our way back to Santa Fe.Is there anything more perfect than soaking in 107 degree natural spring water after an exhausting day of skiing?I was very impressed with the spa.The facilities were upscale and the environment was relaxing and inviting.Call me high maintenance, but Ojo Caliente was definitely more my style than ano…