First Five Hikes

For completion’s sake, I will give an overview of my first five hikes in Santa Fe before providing reflections on today’s hike…

1.  Hyde Park Circle Trail – August 14, 2011
I was enthusiastic about this hike because it was my first hike in Santa Fe.  It was steep, but enjoyable, featuring beautiful, scenic views.  It was an excellent first hike.

2.  Nambe Lake – September 24, 2011
Three words:  Frustrating but Rewarding.

3.  Kasha-Katuke Tent Rocks National Monument – October 2, 2011
This hike provided a fascinating glimpse at history, complete with petroglyphs.  It was easily accessible and enjoyable.

4.  Aspen Vista – October 16, 2011
Scenic!  Beautiful autumn colors!  Favorite so far!  Oh, and mountain goats!

5.  Dorothy Stewart Trail – October 23, 2011
This hike was easy and refreshing and provided excellent views of the Santa Fe river valley.

These first five hikes provided me with excellent opportunities for exploring my new environment, challenging myself physically, and setting the goal of hiking Santa Fe Baldy next weekend.  Wish me luck!


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