10K Butterfly Run

The New Mexico race schedule has been a real teaser regarding this weekend.  Jaycob and I originally planned to do the Atomic Man Duathlon, a challenging run-bike-run style race in Los Alamos with a very hilly bike portion.  I was so geared up for this race and had my heart set on finishing the long route (10Krun - 40Kride - 5Krun).  Unfortunately that race was postponed, so instead we registered for a sprint triathlon in Ruidoso.  We started training several weeks ago, paid our registration fee, and booked a dog-friendly hotel room, only to find out a week ago that the race was canceled.  Boo!  But I was determined to compete in something this month, so I signed up for the Butterfly Run 10K in Pojoaque with my running buddy.

Geared up for the 10K

The Butterfly Run was a beautiful trail course through the Pueblo of Pojoaque that started and ended on a track and offered scenic mountain views.  The course was hilly and I loved it!  I'm definitely not fast, but one of my strengths as a runner is pushing myself up hills, and even more importantly continuing to run hard over the top of the hill when many runners start to walk.  I also had a long, smooth stride on the downhills and made up some time.  I felt that I started a little too fast, but I had pretty consistent splits (8.75 min, 9 min, 9.5 min, 10 min, 9.5 min, then less than 9 min for the last 1.2 miles) and was motivated by some of the other runners around me.  My knee started acting up about 20 minutes in but I was able to keep it at bay.  

Beautiful morning in Pojoaque

I set a PR at less than 56 minutes and placed third in my age group!

New t-shirt and bronze medal

I struggled with the same old stomach issues following the race.  I've been experimenting with different pre-race fuel options, and today decided to forgo breakfast and stick with Gu and Shot Blocks instead.  I felt great during the race but had some major cramps afterwards.  I think I need to examine my eating in the days leading up to the race as well.  (Perhaps Hawaiian pizza with white wine and strawberry-rhubarb pie was not the best pre-race dinner, but as my brother-in-law told me, "You live and you learn!")

On another note, I am totally in love with the Coral Little Big Run Sock from Title Nine.  Holy smokes my feet died and went to heaven in these race socks!  I could use about 12 more pairs of these.  (Hint hint, friends and family, my birthday is 2 months away!)

Overall I was really happy with this race and am ready to start Half Marathon training soon!  I also have an off-road triathlon and a possible Ultra trail race to look forward to this summer!

Post-race bliss


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