Nambe Lake

I took Kua hiking up to Nambe Lake this morning, and I always forget how absolutely gorgeous that trail is!  The forests are so lush and green right now (who knew that so many shades of green existed?!) and the air in the mountains is rich and humid from the vegetation.  Everything looks so healthy and full of life.  There were pink, yellow, orange and white wildflowers growing close to the stream, and Kua was getting flirty with the butterflies.  We saw more people than we've seen on a trail in quite some time (tourism season is upon up) and a few familiar faces as well.  What a beautiful morning!

Stopping to smell the flowers

I love these pretty wildflowers!

Kua playing in the stream

Nambe Lake

Lovin' the lake

The most beautiful spot in Santa Fe

Checking out Santa Fe Baldy in the distance

Happy Summer!  :-)


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