The Road to Buying a House... Volume 4: Becoming Homeowners

We did it!  We are homeowners!  

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of paperwork, packing, and praying that all the pieces would come together.  We had the appraisal on our home and everything went as expected.  We did our final walk-through on Sunday, received our final paperwork on Monday, and signed on Tuesday!  

We were nervous leading up to the final hour because the staging furniture in the house was still there at the time of our walk-through, we had hoped to receive our paperwork further in advance to have time to review all the numbers, and we had heard horror stories from friends and co-workers about everything that could go wrong.  Fortunately, our closing process was incredibly smooth and relieved all of my stress of the 72 hours leading up to this day.  We then had a few setbacks during the week dealing with the electrical company, a dishwasher that wasn't installed properly and an issue with the garage door opener (among countless other stresses and issues), but I am prepared that being a homeowner means constant repairs and projects to protect our investment and keep our house beautiful.

Kua already got to run and play in her new backyard, and Laila is thrilled to have more windows for bird-watching.  I am so thankful to be able to say that we own this beautiful house.

There's still so much to do to make it feel like a home and I look forward to this adventure!  Thank you friends and family for your support and enthusiasm for this big step in our lives!


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