Cherry Blossoms

My new ink!

Life is fragile.  Life is short.  But life is also beautiful and breathtaking.  Cherry blossoms only bloom for a few weeks every year, calling us to take time to appreciate their beauty before it's too late.  Enjoy the little bit of time that we are given.  Take time to admire the world and its beauty while you have it.  Look at the trees, hike in the mountains, and smell the flowers.  Observe the changing of the seasons.  Spend time with the ones you love because their days, too, are numbered.  Everything is transient, causing a certain sadness, but at the same time joy and appreciation for what was.  When it's time for life to end, we recognize that it is the natural cycle of things, and we celebrate the time we had together.  Cherry blossoms are delicate and precious, beautiful without overwhelming.  

Cherry blossoms wilt and fall much too soon; but (if you're lucky) they will return again next year.

Fun with mirrors.


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