Un-Lazy Sunday

May was a busy month for races, and I closed out the month with my first ever road biking time trial: Contre-la-Montre Feminin, a women's only event hosted by The Spokettes racing team.  It was a 10 mile out-and-back course, and different from a regular race in that each participant started individually.  Honestly I didn't do a lot of training or preparation since I just did a 50 mile ride a couple weeks ago and thought that a 10 miler would be a piece of cake, but the race was FAST and chicks were competitive!  There were quite a few very serious bikers at the event, jerseys with sponsors listed, and some helmets that probably cost more than my bike.

I pushed myself hard and had a great ride!  There were a few hills and a moderate headwind on the way back, and I finished in 31 minutes, which put me pretty much in the middle for my category.  I was really glad I did it!  When I was contemplating cutting back on races this year, my friend and mentor, Kim, told me to just think of races as a really good workout, and she was right.  I wouldn't have pushed myself that hard on a normal Sunday morning workout.  Another friend, Martha, reminded me that we are winners just for showing up, which is more than a lot of other people can say.  It was a beautiful morning and a fun event, and the best part was this cute bicycle bracelet for all finishers!

Another perk of a short race... I had the rest of the day free!  I took the pup hiking up the Winsor trail and part way up to Raven's Ridge.  After a few really warm days, I was optimistic about the trail conditions, but I discovered quite a bit of snow left on the trails.  I hope it melts in time for our backpacking trip in three weeks!

Looking forward to a fun month of June with a brew fest next weekend, backpacking trip, Santa Rosa triathlon and the Santa Fe Rodeo!


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