Santa Fe in Bloom

When we bought our house a few months ago, I inherited a garden that was basically still a mystery under the idle snow and lifelessness of late winter.  Then the sun started to shine and we got a lot of rain this spring, and my yard has transformed into something lush, lively and green, which I never expected in Santa Fe.  As a very "non-gardener," I get excited whenever something new blooms, especially since I didn't even have to plant it myself! 

All the spring rain and late snow have also brought beautiful wildflowers to the hiking trails.  It's as if they were just waiting all winter to bloom and show their beauty.

I look forward to discovering what other surprises my yard has in store for me this summer, and what kind of fruit is growing on my backyard tree! 

Wildflowers (and people):
I find myself surrounded
By beautiful wildflowers
So many different shapes, colors
And styles
All in their own way a 
Unique work of Creation
Each bringing something special
To the world

By Jimmy Skinner


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