Birthday Trail Running: La Vega

What a beautiful day in the mountains!  I had the morning off work so I took Kua up to La Vega for a 7 mile trail run.  La Vega ("The Meadow") is a clearing at the foot of Santa Fe Baldy.  The hike begins on the Winsor Trail at the Santa Fe ski basin, climbs into the Pecos Wilderness, and continues along the Rio Nambe Trail to the clearing.  We had an early monsoon season this year in Santa Fe, so everything is green and lush.  There are still a few wild flowers in bloom, and everyone has been talking about the mushrooms!  I don't know what the big deal is regarding these mushrooms, and I definitely can't tell if they're edible, but there sure were a lot of them!  Kua was bound and determined to catch a chipmunk, but unfortunately for her (and fortunately for the chipmunk species) she was unsuccessful.  I spotted more blue jays and woodpeckers than ever before on a hike, and the cows were out in full force too.  Happy birthday to me!

My favorite section of the Winsor Trail.  I love these Aspen trees.

Crossing the Rio Nambe

La Vega

Cows chillaxin'

Kua doesn't know what to think...

Mushrooms everywhere

Another stream crossing

Cows at Aspen Vista on our way down the road


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