Showering Baby Ross

We are less than 5 weeks away from Baby's due date!  She's estimated to be over 5 pounds already and the size of a spaghetti squash.  She's moving her arms and legs all the time and she gets the hiccups almost every day.  I had two beautiful baby showers during the month of September and I feel so supported by all my friends and family who already love little Baby Girl.

My mom and Great Aunt Carole co-hosted a garden-themed baby shower for family and friends in Minnesota during Labor Day weekend.  It's so rare to be able to spend time with relatives since moving to New Mexico, so it was fun to gather everyone together in one room, along with two of my close friends from PT school.  We had lunch and played games around the table, including a matching game of "baby girls who became famous," and everyone wrote down some advice for Baby Girl.  I was so impressed and honored to receive four handmade gifts - two quilts, a crocheted afghan, and crocheted booties.  Everyone present was either a mother, an aunt, or a soon-to-be aunt, and many guests had funny pregnancy stories to share and advice to offer.

Celebrating Baby Girl!

Quilt made by my Aunt Mary

Quilt made by my Great Aunt Carole

My PT friends, who are already mommies!

Two weekends ago my Santa Fe friends and coworkers threw us a fall-themed shower complete with little pumpkins and apple cider.  It was a beautiful fall morning and about 30 of my friends from work gathered together to celebrate Baby.  Guests wrote us messages on diapers to make us laugh during future 2 a.m. diaper changes, and we received so many thoughtful gifts, including more handmade items.  My mom made the trip from Minnesota to celebrate with us and meet some of my Santa Fe friends!

"Little Pumpkin"

Clothespin game and little pumpkin favors

Mum to Be

Cute fall decor

Parents to be

Decorating diapers

Champagne and cider

My beautiful hostesses

Jaycob and I grow happier each day as we get ready to welcome our little girl into the world in just a few weeks!  It is so reassuring to know that we are getting closer to full-term and that all the signs are pointing toward a healthy baby.  I look forward to meeting her and deciding what her name will be, but I'm enjoying my pregnancy and I'm not in a rush for November to come!


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