Windsor Trail Hiking

We have had some seriously warm and sunny afternoons in Santa Fe lately, so I ventured up to the mountains this morning with the pooch for a break from the heat.  It was my first hike since the snow has melted and it was so wonderful to get back to the wilderness.  There are still a few patches of snow on the peaks, but the trail was clear.  It was a sunny morning with temps in the mid-60s in the woods.  

We walked along my favorite section of the Windsor Trail.  The hike starts with a few uphill switchbacks, then transitions into a long, gradual downhill through Ponderosa Pines and Aspens.  I didn't spot any birds but I could hear them singing in the treetops.  It is so meditative to just let my mind water while listening to the sounds of the outdoors.  The pooch and I followed the trail up to the first creek crossing.  I remember when Kua was a puppy and so fearful of the water, and now she just jumps right in for a dip and a drink of cold water.

Soon-to-be Baby Ross is almost 19 weeks along, and I imagined rocking him or her to sleep as Kua and I hiked along the trail.  I look forward to taking the baby hiking next spring, and he or she will already be familiar with the sounds of the forest!  I plan to keep hiking throughout my pregnancy (although with a few extra snacks and maybe the addition of hiking poles later on) and enjoying my favorite activities up until Baby arrives.

Sunny morning in the Santa Fe Forest

Crossing into the Pecos Wilderness

Enjoying the shade of the pine trees

My hiking dog

Nambe creek

The sun reflects off the beautiful Aspen bark

Happy puppy

Admiring the mountains

Stay tuned later this month for some updates on running and celebrating the Summer Solstice! :-)


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