Easter Blessings

Happy Easter!  I always think of Easter as occurring in early April, but apparently Easter falls in March almost 25% of the time, so it's really not that unusual.   Nonetheless, this Easter weekend certainly snuck up on me.  At least I remembered to get out the Easter baskets and buy a couple of new treats for our four-legged daughters.  I didn't go all out with brunch or Easter themed desserts this year, but I did find time on my day off to make my favorite Vanilla Bean Rhubarb Ginger Scones (from The Brown Eyed Baker) and Banana Bread (from Beard on Bread) with butterscotch chips.  

I worked a little more on my garden this weekend!  I went to a garden store that was recommended by a friend and picked out some herbs, tomatoes, rhubarb, peppers, lettuce and greens.  The mountain climate and high elevation means that the temperature still dips below freezing in the mornings (we even got some snow flurries yesterday!), so I started with some seed and small plants inside and will plant everything outdoors in a few weeks.  I am very much a novice gardener, and I feel overwhelmed about how to possibly keep these little seedlings alive, but it's a good practice in hope and perseverance.

Getting started on my planting

The beginnings of my indoor garden

Laila keeping a careful watch on the peppers

Kua protecting the flowers

Easter weekend is a big deal in Northern New Mexico, where thousands of people trek dozens and sometimes hundreds of miles to the Santuario de Chimayo, a church just north of Santa Fe, where the dirt is believed to have healing powers.  New Mexicans do this Catholic pilgrimage for their family members who are sick, in hope for healing, or in remembrance.

El Santuario de Chimayo

In the spirit of Easter and lenten meditation, it has been a period of loss and reflection at work.  I recently lost two of patients whom I had known for several months.  They had both suffered, one because of a severe stroke and the other with chronic illness, and I know that they are at peace and without pain now, but it is still a somber feeling to contemplate the finality of death and wonder what could have been.  We rarely get to say goodbye to people before they are gone, so I guess the best we can do is appreciate the moments that were.

On a related note, this week would have been our baby's due date.   It has been six months since our miscarriage. I don't think I realized at the time that our baby would be born around Easter.  What a perfect time of year for remembrance,  meditation, and celebration of hope for the future.  I spent some time yesterday hiking to Picacho Peak.   The fresh air, physical exertion, and spectacular Mountain View's offer a beautiful combination for healing.

View of the Sangre de Cristo mountains from Picacho Peak

My happy hiking buddy

Sandia Mountain in the distance

Love, appreciation, and blessings to my friends and family!


  1. Love you dear! I know that due date is a hard one to think about! Sending you love and prayers for peace today!

  2. Love reading your blog. Please call me if you need me this week. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Love you!

  3. Sending love and prayers your way! Xoxo


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