Tuesday Tidbits

Between the endless "To Do" lists homeownership, the final weeks of Half Marathon training, and keeping up with all the fun events of early spring, my life has been a whirlwind lately!  Here are a few tidbits...

1.  My friends and I started a monthly Girls Night this year!  It's been so fabulous to see each other and catch up on a monthly basis, which didn't always happen before with our busy lives of work, school, weddings, babies, etc.  Eight of us girls started the group and we've met new people each month.  This week we're going out to eat at the culinary school.  I hope we can keep it going through the summer!

2.  I had a major recipe Fail this weekend.  I was so excited to try Pioneer Woman's Crazy Coffee (coffee blended with COCONUT OIL and BUTTER, what?!!), but was sadly disappointed.  After going to three different stores to find coconut oil (which apparently is not the same as coconut milk), the coffee was not as good as I had hoped.  I also learned that my food processor is not sealed tightly for liquids.  Oops!
Crazy Coffee Recipe

3.  I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but as a new homeowner, Lowe's is becoming my favorite store!  I find myself in there a few times a week now looking at paint, gardening stuff, hardware, decorations, you name it!  I'm overwhelmed about home-ownership but excited about our upcoming projects.  The latest development on the home front is my new Golden Moon kitchen!

4.  Kua was initially really weird about her backyard and didn't want to play outside without us.  It took her a while to go to the bathroom in the yard, and then she started jumping the gate (hence, Jaycob had to build a new gate last Sunday morning).  She is adjusting quite well now, though, and is learning how to ask to go out and come in!  I think she likes the frequent fresh air and smelling all the plants.  I wouldn't quite say that she's normal though...

This is definitely not normal...

She thinks she's human...

Building a new gate on Sunday morning after someone became an escape artist...

5.  I had a goat cheese omelet at brunch on Saturday that was SUPERB!  I'm not a big cheese person, and really never have been, but I do love goat cheese!  I discovered this amazing link on Pinterest and can't wait to try these incredible recipes: Goat Cheese Lovers

6.  I am absolutely drooling over these dessert bar recipes from my favorite blogger.  I could demolish all of these by the pan, guaranteed.  The hardest part is decide which ones to try first! 
Brown Eyed Baker Top 10 Bar Desserts

7.  And while we're on a recipe kick, let's talk avocados!  I've been eating these more since we've lived in New Mexico, and even more lately during my race training.  They're full of potassium and contain the good kinds of fats.  Bored with plain old avocados or guacamole?  Here are 33 ways to spice up your avocados:
Make Your Avocado Even More Amazing

Photo from Elite Daily
8.  I've gotten really behind on my reading challenge this month thanks to race training and and home improvement projects, but here's what I'm reading now (or planning to read in the next few weeks):
Funny Girl, by Nick Hornby
A Thousand Acres, by Jane Smiley
'Tis, by Frank McCourt
On the Move: A Life, by Oliver Sacks
Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty
Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, by Erik Larson
MaddAddam, by Margaret Atwood
Three Among the Wolves, by Helen Thayer

9.  My double-race weekend is right around the corner, with a mountain bike race on May 2nd followed by my Half Marathon on May 3rd!  I might be a little crazy.  I guess we'll find out if I can walk on Monday.  I had a very snowy 9 miler this past weekend (snow?! for real?! so over it...) and I hope the weather will be nicer next weekend! 

10.  And, your daily dose of cute for the day:  Monkey and His Puppies

Happy Tuesday!  Stay tuned for race updates this weekend! :-)


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