Panther Run

Just as I was breaking in my flip flops and mentally preparing for swimsuit season, the weather in Santa Fe has take a 180 degree turn.  AND... it's currently snowing.  Snow, combined with constant 30 mph wind, makes spring my least favorite season in the southwest.  But I'm making the best of it!

Yesterday I ran a 5K in Santa Fe, The Wood Gormley Panther Run, with some of my work buddies.  It was my favorite kind of race: all uphill at the start, then just when you feel out of breath and worry that you won't have enough energy left for the second half, you are blessed with 1.5 miles of downhill!  I maintained a decent pace in the beginning and accelerated at the end.  I was excited to place first in my age group!  The race was really well organized, and I was inspired by all the elementary school students who participated and kicked butt.

I think racing is a great way to work on speed and push yourself to limits you wouldn't normally approach while running alone.  It's so motivating to run with hundreds of other people all working toward the same goal.  I feel healthier after a race, not only because I got a really great workout, but also because I'm more conscious of my eating habits and core stability in the days leading up to a race.  And it doesn't hurt to have some friends to celebrate with afterwards!

After my race I rode my bike for a total of 42 miles.  This was probably my longest ride to date.  Besides the unrelenting wind (there were tumbleweeds!), I felt pretty strong.  I'm trying out different workout snacks and drinks in preparation for the Half Century in a few weeks.  I feel prepared but hope to get in a few more long rides before then.  Jaycob put in 70 miles yesterday and is going to kick butt in the full 100 miler on May 18th!

Today I look forward to escaping the cold in a long vinyasa yoga class!  


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