Winter Reflections

Life is a dance between the Active and the Passive.  When living actively, we revolve around Doing, Achieving, Accomplishing, Improving.  We look at our To Do lists.  We make things happen.  We accomplish tasks and take steps forward.  We plan our schedules diligently.  We live with the mindset to not save things for tomorrow than can be accomplished today.  In our Active state of living, we are productive and timely. 
This must be balanced by the Passive, in which we Allow things to happen around us and make time to Observe and Reflect.  Allow our minds to wander to new territories.  Listen to our bodies and rest when we are tired.  Notice details in the world around us.
Most of the time the Holidays become all about the Active, about Doing.  We have things to bake, presents to wrap, parties to attend, To Do lists to complete.  But winter should be a time for the Passive, for Allowing.  Have meaningful conversations with each other.  Take time to read or knit or just watch the snow fall outside with a cup of coffee.  Make room for love.


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