2013 Reflections

2013 has been a year to remember.  It has been a year of change in many ways and a year of transition from the life I used to know to the life I have now.  I have a new last name, a new family structure, and new ideas of what friendship means.  Change has come abruptly and unexpectedly at times but has encouraged adaptability and forgiveness.  Amid the chaos I have also had some fun and noteworthy experiences!

Looking back on this memorable year, here are some of the highlights...

1.  Getting married to the love of my life on October 19th.

2.  Lots of hiking in New Mexico, including Santa Fe Baldy, La Luz, Bandelier National Monument, and Wheeler Peak (the highest peak in the state).

3.  I competed in 2 triathlons and took the gold in my age group in Santa Fe.

4.  I set 2 personal bests in 5K runs at Buffalo Thunder and the Santa Fe Triathlon.

5.  My first niece, Rielle, was born in February.

6.  Santa Fe continues to feel more like home with our amazing group of friends.

7.  I started volunteering with Challenge New Mexico, a non-profit horse therapy organization.

8.  I applied and was accepted into our Clinical Advancement Program for therapy staff at my place of work.

9.  Trips this year: Boston, Chicago, Madison, Aspen, San Francisco, Sonoma Valley, Lake Havasu City, and a road trip through South Dakota

10.  Best books I read this year:  Angela's Ashes, Sea Biscuit, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, The Round House, Oryx and Crake, The Time Between

I welcome 2014 with open arms!  Although wedding planning is behind us I think this upcoming year will continue to bring change.  I look forward to our honeymoon in Ecuador, celebrating friends' weddings throughout the year, and welcoming the first Mraz baby when my cousin gives birth to a little boy in February!

After much thought, I have committed to just one resolution this year:
To not take on the stress of other people. 



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