Wedding Wisdom: Rustic Decor

Since 2013 is my year of wedding planning (or I should say my final year of wedding planning, because what girl hasn’t been planning their wedding since they were old enough to walk and hold flowers), I have determined to dedicate a few of my blog posts this year to that which consumes my life.  My first wedding reflection: rustic themes and trends. 

We see these elements everywhere in the wedding planning realm – mason jars, twine, chalk boards, mismatched glassware, wild flowers, bridesmaids in boots, the list goes on!  Here are some examples from Pinterest:

I can’t help but ask myself, what is with this infatuation with Rustic?  Is it an attempt to get away from pompous formalities and expectations in an effort to display one’s creative side?  Is Rustic a movement toward keeping things simple, perhaps to draw the attention away from the things and toward the people, which is what a celebration is all about after all?  Or is Rustic simply a way of honoring nature and showing one’s love for the outdoors?

Rustic, by definition, is unsophisticated.  But is it possible to establish a balance?  For my wedding I would like to create an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere with just a touch of rustic, which I think represents our personalities.  Our wedding will be a formal event, as I believe weddings should be, but the outdoors are an important foundation of my relationship with Jaycob.  (He proposed during a hike, after all!)  Here are some ideas for incorporating an outdoor feel into an elegant wedding event:


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