Morning in the Mountains

It was one of those cool, refreshing summer mornings, with a chill in the air after a rainstorm that cleared away yesterday's humidity.  These kind of mornings remind me of summers in northern Minnesota, when the air is damp and chilly, with drops of dew resting on the leaves.  I sat outside with coffee and a book, watching the dog explore the yard and listening to the mourning doves, enjoying a moment of stillness before the chaos of another day began.  I love the solitude and serenity that morning brings.  

After the baby woke up, we headed up to the mountain for an early hike to celebrate Kua's birthday.  Our little pooch turned six yesterday!  The sky was overcast initially, with the clouds sliding rapidly across the sky over the mountaintops, but the mist and clouds were lifted as the warmth of the morning sun began to break through.  The trail was still damp from yesterday's rain storm, but it was a beautiful and refreshing day in the woods.  Our six-year-old dog still had plenty of energy to chase squirrels and greet the other hikers and dogs we passed along the way!

I feel full of gratitude to live so close to the mountains and to have access to so many trails.  Our morning hike was a lovely way to wrap up another fun Girls' Weekend while Jaycob was in Colorado for a triathlon.  Yesterday the baby and I ran a 5K, had a play date with some other mommies and babies, bought a doggy cake for Kua, and listened to free outdoor music in the park.  We love summers in Santa Fe!

Happy Birthday Kua!


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