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My commitment to knitting and crocheting waxes and wanes throughout the year, but I had some time during my maternity leave to work on a few projects.  I finally finished my temperature blanket that I've been creating for over a year!  The concept of the temperature blanket is to knit a row each day based on the high temperature for the day, and the result is a random rainbow of colors representing the weather and seasons throughout the year.  It was really special to me because I was pregnant for 9 months of the year in 2016, so it's also a testament to my pregnancy experience with little Ady.  I like to look at the colors and remember where I was and what I did during the months of the year.

I didn't exactly follow a pattern with the stitches, but I did a seed stitch pattern of alternating knits and purls, a simple pattern that lays flat when finished.  I then created a basic crocheted border with double crochets.

One of my recent students gave me a beautiful book of knitting projects for children, so I was able to knit some mittens for Ady and a poncho for my sweet niece, Rielle.  I liked the pattern for the mittens because the two sides are connected with a cord (so hopefully we won't lose the mittens as we tend to lose socks constantly!), but they were tricky to construct because I had to knit from the tip of one mitten to the tip of the other, and they also required knitting in the round in a very tight area.  The poncho was also made in the round.  I like how the ribbed collar and the maroon stripes turned out.  I hope it will be warm!
Image result for sweet pickles knitting book for kids
Sweet Pickles book of knitting patterns


Ady models her cousin's little striped poncho:

I've also been experimenting with some crochet flowers to use as decorative accents for an upcoming wedding:

Little Daisies: Flower Girl Cottage
I love these little flowers and could make them by the dozen!


Little Roses: Petals to Picots
These are fun to make can be created in various sizes with different crochet hooks.


Large 7-Petaled Flower: Bonita Patterns
These look really nice when pinned flat to show off all seven petals.

Water Lily: Make My Day Creative
This one took me a while but was really full and beautiful.  I think it would make a nice table decoration.

Daffodil: Head Huggers
These were really fun to make, with double treble stitches!


A Delicate Rose (mine did not turn out, but it's a nice pattern if you have a small enough crochet hook and delicate yarn to create a lacy look): Lacy Crochet

It has been fun to be able to create beautiful and useful things with my own hands!  I'm going to take a break from yarn projects now that the weather is getting warmer, but in the fall I hope to start working on something for Ady's birthday!


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