Baby On the Way

Our 4-legged daughters have some news to share...  Our little family is growing!  We are expecting a baby in early November!  

I will be 16 weeks tomorrow and things are going very well.  We are a few weeks into 2nd trimester already, and all my labs and screening tests have been normal.  Baby is on track with his or her growth and we are low risk for complications at this point.  I think Jaycob and I both felt a little cautious during first trimester but stayed hopeful, and we grow more excited each week to welcome this new joy into our lives!  I envision this little life and look forward to experiencing motherhood and the overwhelming and unconditional love that comes with it.  

It was so wonderful to be able to share the news with our families!  I visited my parents in the Twin Cities at the end of our first trimester and surprised them with a few baby-themes gifts.  This will be their first grandchild and they are thrilled!  A couple weeks later we visited Jaycob's family in southern Minnesota and celebrated our announcement with a little bubbly.

Beatles onesie for my musician dad!

Grandma book for my teacher mom!

A little bubbly for Jaycob's family: "Drink This for Me, I'm a Mommy To Be!"

Cake for my coworkers!

Baby is already so spoiled by his or her aunts, uncles, and other relatives!  I'm having so much fun collecting little books, onesies, and "baby things."  Only 30 more days until we find out if Baby is a boy or girl!

Gorgeous gender-neutral clothes for the little one.

Some New Orleans-themed onesies from Baby's aunt and uncle!

This book is hilarious!

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for some tips about exercising and eating during pregnancy, but I plan to continue all of my normal blogging as well about hiking, baking, and our Santa Fe adventures. :-)  


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