Snowshoeing Borrego Bear Wallows

This has been an insane season for snowfall in Santa Fe, and winter has only just begun!  We got another almost 3 feet of snow at the end of last week, with a season total of 159" at the local ski basin.  I haven't made it up to the mountain for skiing yet this year but I have had the chance to do a lot of snowshoeing!  

Yesterday I took my friend and first-time-showshoer up to Borrego Bear Wallows.  I like this trail because it makes a loop (a triangle connecting the Bear Wallows, Windsor, and Borrego trails), it isn't terribly steep, and the trees offer a barrier from the wind.  We were the first hikers on the trail that morning, so it was up to us to make new tracks.  The snow was fluffy and pristine.  It was a sunny morning and the only sound when we started our hike was the gentle whoosh of snow falling from the trees when a light breeze came along.  Kua had a blast and will probably sleep for four days.

Sunny morning for a hike
Kua leading the way

We love the snow!

Kua is burried

It was such a gorgeous day!  I look forward to more hiking adventures this winter.


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