Happy Memorial Day!

Unfortunately for us hospital workers, this is just a normal weekend followed by just another Monday, but I enjoy being able to play a small role in my patients' holidays.  I was also happy to have the day off on Saturday for some hiking, BBQ-ing, and enjoying the sunny weather.  I took the pooch up Atalaya mountain for our first hike of the spring!  This is one of our regular hiking trails in the foothills of Santa Fe that begins at St. John's College and ends at the peak of Atalaya mountain at 9,200 feet elevation, offering a gorgeous 360 degree view of Santa Fe.  The snow from last weekend has melted completely, and there were pretty wildflowers starting to bloom.  I hope to have a green and lush summer after all the moisture we've had this spring.  I was reminded, however, that tourist season is upon us, so the trail was crowded.  With
summer right around the corner, I need to remember to start my hikes earlier in the day and beat the rush!

The rest of the weekend (when I wasn't at work) was spent cooking out, going to the Farmer's Market, baking mocha cupcakes, riding my bike, watching the sunset, and getting frozen yogurt!  It's starting to feel like summer! :-)


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