East Coast Vacation

I've been a little MIA lately.  I just got back from a week-long vacation to the East Coast, where I soaked up some sun at Virginia Beach, laughed with my mom and sister over Sangria and Chardonnay, and read a whole stack of good books.  I love the landscape, mountains, and (non-humid) weather in Santa Fe, but I yearn for water!  It was so wonderful to spend a whole vacation enjoying the Atlantic Ocean, the Charles River and bays in Boston, and the Saco River in New Hampshire.

The Boardwalk resort, Virginia Beach
View from my balcony

My mom, sister and I enjoy paddle boarding in Rudee's Inlet.  We tried some paddle board-style yoga, which is way more challenging than it looks!

In Boston, my sister and I spent a morning at Walden Pond.  It was so perfect!  I recently re-read Thoreau's book, and it was amazing to see the real place.  We visited the foundation of Thoreau's house, and enjoyed a run around the lake and swimming in the warm water.  

My friend, Renee, and I spent the afternoon sailing on the Charles River.  I haven't sailed my own boat since summer camp (circa 1997), and it was amazing to be out on the water in control of our own sail and destiny! 

The Charles River, Boston

I added New Hampshire to my long (and growing) list of U.S. states visited!  On my last day of vacation, my sister and I, along with 9 of her friends, took a day trip to New Hampshire and went tubing along the Saco River.  What a fun day!


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