Two days ago I was all geared up to write about how much I loathe spring in the southwest.  I was adamant to get on my bike on Wednesday after it had been in the shop for a week, and I was rudely greeted by absurdly ridiculous wind gusts -- the kind that threaten to knock you right over into traffic at any moment.  Some would deem me suicidal to be on my bike that day, and I was more than a little Tourettes-like with my outbursts of four-letter words.  The very next day Mother Nature decided to produce hail (not belated April showers, but full-on ice chunks) during the Girls on the Run practice 5K.  I waved my white flag in surrender.

Then the sun came out, and the last two days have been gorgeous!  Yesterday I dashed out of work exactly on time to take Kua on our favorite trail run up Picacho Peak.  It was definitely tshirt and sunscreen weather, even at 5:30 in the evening.  Today I had absolutely pristine conditions for my last long bike ride before the Half Century.  The sun was shining, wind was relatively calm, and I was reminded that I don't, in fact, despise biking after all!  What a difference in mood this weather creates.

Kua relaxing at the top of Picacho Peak
Sunny day at our apartment complex

30 mile bike ride from Santa Fe to Galisteo

This afternoon we walked around the plaza, and Kua was so excited to experience new smells and sights!  It felt like summertime!

Kua shopping for cowgirl hats

Yes, please!


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