Wedding Wisdom: The Dance

I was listening to potential wedding dance songs the other night.  That is, until I bawled my eyes out and used up all the Kleenex (at least the rest of the box that my dog didn’t eat).  After 3 more glasses of Pinot Noir I was ready to tackle this project for real.

There are so many amazing wedding songs out there… from the classics like Frank Sinatra, The Beatles and Nat King Cole, and 90s flashbacks including Celine Dione and Shania Twain, to modern pop, alternative, and Indie tunes by Bruno Mars, Jack Johnson, Adele, the list goes on.  There are traditional, tender, two-step shuffle tunes, or upbeat Rock the Reception options.  Some couples will choose something romantic and sentimental, while other embrace the new trend of choreographing a complicated performance modeled after Dancing with the Stars.

Flash mobs are apparently a popular trend in wedding dances, in which family members of the couple unite to perform a surprise choreographed dance for the couple.  Youtube is full of “surprise” first wedding dances, where a sentimental tune turns into Baby Got Back.  Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Don’t worry, friends and family, Jaycob and I do not plan to publicly humiliate ourselves, although we are very excited for the music at the reception.  We plan to have a First Dance, a Daddy Daughter Dance, and a Mother Son Dance before welcoming the rest of the party onto the dance floor.  We have already made our musical selections (shhh! It’s a surprise!), which I can tell you are generally up-beat (although knowing me, there will probably be a few tears shed).  

We are so excited for our wedding dance!  Friends and family, you’d better bring your dancin’ shoes!


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