Winter Fun

January sure flew by!  It was a busy month and I worked a lot of weekends (in fact I think I only had 5 days off all month), which didn’t leave a lot of time for enjoying the outdoors.  I did manage squeeze in a few familiar hikes, though – Picacho Peak, Borrego Bear Wallows, and the Windsor Trail, to name a few.

Last weekend I finally made it up to the Ski Basin for the first time this season!  After growing up skiing in the Midwest, I am still blown away but the beauty of the ski mountains here.  The snow wasn’t fabulous and there wasn’t really fresh powder by the time I got up there, but 90% of the trails were open and it was a beautiful day to be on the slopes.  

I always have some anxiety to put on my skis for the first time of the season.  What if I forget how to turn?  What if I fall?  What if I’m not in shape for this?  But as always, my muscles remembered what to do after a few practice runs, and we had a fun day.

I look forward to getting up to Aspen next month to try out some big girl slopes!  And stay tuned for more Wedding Wisdom in the near future…


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