Skiing in Santa Fe

Before I moved to Santa Fe, if you had told me I would be skiing moguls this year, or that I would be warm while downhill skiing, I never would have believed it.  Yet I have both of these to be true this winter. 

Today was my fourth time skiing at the Santa Fe Ski Basin and I absolutely love it.  Never before have I experienced such long ski runs, such breathtaking views from the summit, or such warm and sunny weather while on the slopes.  In fact, before moving to Santa Fe, I had never skied in “real” mountains, as my prior ski endeavors are limited to seven or eight hills in Minnesota and Illinois.  

Skiing is an entirely new experience for me this year in the mountains of Santa Fe.  I no longer struggle to stay warm or have to stop every few runs before my toes become nearly frostbitten, but now can enjoy sunny afternoons on the outdoor patio on the basin and find myself having to actually cool off after a couple hours on the slopes.  I’ve never before had to take breaks while making my way down the mountain, but I feel a much more intense burn in my muscles with these long runs.  It’s a great workout.

My skiing abilities have come a long way this year.  I’ve been skiing since elementary school (and have many fond memories of Buck Hill, I might add), but I have been terrified of steep runs and my technique left much to be desired.  I received a gift certificate for a two hour private ski lesson this year, and it has made all the difference in the world.  My turns are much more controlled and I have less fear on black diamonds and, yes, even moguls.  (I should add that my mogul skiing is definitely not pretty, and nowhere near fast, but at least I’m doing it!)

Now that I’ve gained some experience at Ski Santa Fe, I hope to make it to Taos and some mountains in Colorado this season too!

I started this blog intending to focus on my hiking expeditions, but it seems that I am expanding my theme to include all of my Santa Fe adventures.  In addition to downhill skiing, I plan to partake in some Nordic skiing, snow shoeing, and more winter hiking before spring comes, so stay tuned!


  1. I write about everything in my blog! Recently I started adding recipes :)

  2. Wow, Betsy! How beautiful it must be to ski there! And I thought Giants Ridge was breathtaking... Thanks for the update. Love, MOM


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