Peace at Christmastime

We got a few inches of snow in Santa Fe this weekend.  The world is so beautiful when everything is dusted in white, sparkling snow.  The air feels so fresh, and I’ve never heard such quiet at the Plaza before.  I spent some time this morning picking out a few Christmas gifts, finding my chili pepper wreath, and introducing Kua to new sights, sounds, and smells, then spent the rest of the day relaxing.

I find it difficult to maintain balance around the holidays.  My list of things to do continues to grow.  Amidst the decorating, shopping, wrapping, and baking, it is easy to forget to relax and enjoy the peacefulness that Christmastime is (or should be) all about.  My yoga instructor last weekend talked about finding balance in the breath; sometimes we focus so much on inhaling deep, rich oxygen during our practice that we can forget to exhale it all out and let go to allow our bodies to achieve relaxation in a pose.  This same idea applies to the holidays for me – I am often so consumed with picking out the perfect gifts for my friends and family, choosing the ideal decorations for my home, and over-committing to holiday parties and events that I lose track of peace, joy, and contentment.  

Today was a perfect opportunity for me to get in touch with the true spirit of Christmas.  I spent the afternoon reclined in a big comfy chair, listening to Christmas music, reading a good book, sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows, and watching the gentle flurries out the window.  Most importantly, my feline and canine children peacefully slept in the same room (not yet on the same couch, but being within 10 feet of each without hissing or clawing is a big step in their relationship).  As I watched their sweet, tiny bodies moving slowly with their relaxed, sleepy breathing, I found my own body relaxing, and I thought to myself, “Does life get any more perfect that this?”


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